• CI/CD for WordPress with peter Suhm of Branch CI

    "Are you an advanced developer looking to optimize your CI/CD workflow with WordPress? Are you still beefing up your dev chops and are wondering ""What the heck is a CI/CD""? In either case, you need to listen to this episode of PressThis now! In this episode of PressThis, we interview the super-smart Peter Suhm of Branch CI about his thoughts on approaches and strategies for CI/CD for WordPress. For those that don't know, CI/CD (continuous integration / development) is a set of principles and approaches that allow you to release better and more stable software more frequently. Peter will cover his ideas around how to tackle the ""build"" and ""test"" phases of your workflow, what's available for CI/CD in the WP world today,and what a well doneWordPress CI/CD workflow looks like. If you're trying to up your dev game, listen to this episode of PressThis now! " Original Air Date: August 20, 2019
  • Say Goodbye To Average Position In Google Ads And The Track for Content Creators

    Google said in February that average position would be phasing out earlier this year. Now, we have about 6 weeks to fully absorb the repercussions of the change and implement updates to any reporting, rules or scripts that use average position. In lieu of average position, Google says advertisers should transition to using the position metrics — search top impression rate and search absolute top impression rate — introduced last year. These indicate the percentage of impressions and impression share your ads received in the absolute top (the first ad at the very top of the page) and top of page (above the organic results) ad slots. It’s been proven that consumers are more likely to engage with your brand if you’re offering them excellent content. But every day, writers are overwhelming the web with more and more content; the “rules” of digital marketing are constantly changing…as are the qualities that define what an “excellent” piece of content looks like. Original Air Date: August 15, 2019
  • Mike Roberts - Founder and CEO - SpyFu

    Mike Roberts is the Founder and CEO of SpyFu, a service that lets you learn from and download your competitors’ AdWords and SEO campaign history. Mike is an industry-recognized expert in SEO, PPC, and competitive intelligence. Talks about SEO Mistakes You’re Definitely Making Having founded SpyFu in 2006, he led the charge in transforming the way search marketers to craft their strategies in PPC and SEO. Like many creators, Mike obsesses over what makes something work. He applies that thinking to search marketing, pulling apart the data to learn why some advertisers are more successful so that everyone can learn from the wisdom of the market. Original Air Date: August 14, 2019
  • Using A Strategy-First Mentality To Choose Your DSPs And Channels

    Success can be its own worst enemy, which is why smart marketers mix it up and shift strategies to take advantage of new partners and new approaches. But what are useful guidelines to follow when choosing and vetting a DSP, and how many is too many? Our host Peggy Anne Salz runs through best practices with Kurt Geater<https://www.linkedin.com/in/kurtgeater/>, Mobile Marketing Manager at Groupon<http://www.groupon.com>, the worldwide e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services. Kurt, a Mobile Hero<https://www.heroes.liftoff.io/marketer/kurt-geater/> recognized for his app marketing achievements, also draws from his earlier career experience working at a DSP to highlight what marketers need to watch before they take the plunge. He also offers us his take on channels such as Reddit and weighs on the 2019 trends that will have lasting impact and importance into 2020. Original Air Date: August 14, 2019
  • SEO 101 Ep 361: Google’s Indexing Issues Demystified, Toutiao, Lots of Local SEO News and Answers to Listener Questions

    Scott co-hosts with Ross again as they discuss a wide variety of content from Google’s explanation of recent indexing issues, to Google My Business suspensions and changes to Hotel profiles, and great questions from SEO 101 podcast listeners. Original Air Date: August 13, 2019
  • Google not able to index new content And Other Google Changes

    Google has confirmed that as of earlier this morning it is unable to index new content across the web. There is a bug that Google said is “impacting some sites.” But it is bigger than some sites. From our view, this seems much larger than just “some sites.” Clearly Google is eager to fix any indexing issues, because Google wants to surface the most recent content from publishers. For Google to not show breaking news from the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other popular magazines is something Google probably isn’t too happy about. What it looks like. If you try to search for content from a popular news site and then filter to only show content within the past hour, you won’t currently be given any new real content from that site. Google announced another round of updates to how close variants will work. Queries with the same meaning could already trigger ads for exact match keywords as of September 2018. But now, close variants with the same meaning may also affect phrase and broad match modified keywords. Google expects advertisers to see around a 3 to 4% lift in clicks and impressions on the affected keywords with 85% of those being incremental for the account. Original Air Date: August 8, 2019
  • Building a Culture of Experimentation in a Creative Business

    Barbara Caveness of Uncommon Logic tells us how she builds and manages teams that are both data-driven and creative. What job description would a marketing manager write if they wanted experimenters in their organization? I think it might go something like this. Title: Marketing Experimenter Primary job description: Making people aware of our products and persuading them to purchase them. You are perfect for this role if: You are not confident in your ability to create digital campaigns that will connect with our prospects. You fail frequently and with minimum impact. You do not consider yourself an intuitive copywriter. You do not have an intuitive sense of design. You are good at holding off helicopter executives. You ignore the expectations of others unless they are prospects or customers. You can waste time strategically. You forget past victories easily. You are unmoved by cool agency designs. You’ve mastered the tools necessary to learn how to speak to our prospects. You are good at talking about data and sharing it with teammates. Must be good at asking questions. You know how to celebrate successful campaigns. You know how to celebrate failures. If this is you, please apply immediately. If any of these qualifications seem counterintuitive to you, don’t worry. We are all going to have to learn to work with this kind of curious, disciplined and creative person. Would you want people like this working in your organization? I suspect you may already have these kinds of people on your team. So the real question will be, would this person be delighted to be in your organization? To help understand these kind of people, I invited Barbara Cavness to join me on this episode of Intended Consequences. Barbara is the CEO of (un)Common Logic – a digital marketing agency that you might be tempted to put into the category of “Search Engine Marketing”. But this is really an organization that enables teams of talented people to do great things. Her team investigates digital marketing data to find the surprising facts that can solve their clients toughest problems. Barbara is very purposeful in her approach to building teams, even though she encounters all of the same obstacles that we do. Learn how this former Duke University lacrosse player became the head of a marketing organization and how she fosters teamwork, curiosity, and creativity. Original Air Date: August 7, 2019
  • LAMA Pioneers Interviews-As-A-Service To Make Us The Next Mass Media

    Whether you want to amplify your personal brand or promote your company to potential talent, video interviews can be transformational. But the real impact comes when the only obstacle to what we can achieve is our imagination and not technology (or budget). Our host Peggy Anne Salz welcomes back Mario Arabov<https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-arabov-29bb16b2/>, Co-Founder and COO of LAMA<http://www.lama-app.com/interviews>, the startup behind a new video Q&A app that allows everyone on the planet to produce and distribute short interviews. Mario updates us on his company, his platform, his latest release apps and his evolving strategy to offer an "interview-as-a-service" model to power B2B marketing. He also discusses his incredible traction with newsletter publishers and media companies who are using it to complement their content offers and engage new audiences. Finally, he shares the conversion rates for video, how to create a high performing video and why LAMA's new premium offer (that starts at €149) offers value for money. Original Air Date: August 7, 2019
  • SEO 101 Ep 360: Google’s Robots.txt Notices, More Google My Business Issues and Questions from Listeners

    This episode is guest co-hosted by Scott Van Achte, Senior SEO for StepForth. Ross and Scott discuss Google’s notices to site owners to remove index directives from their Robots.txt. They also discuss some more Google My Business issues such as the continuing bug in short names, a spotted new addition to editing a profile called “people also searched for”, and more. Lastly, they answer some great questions from the show’s valued listeners. Original Air Date: August 5, 2019
  • Interesting Google Search Ranking Tidbits And Google Ads Expand

    Dan Shure posted on his podcast his audio notes from after a private dinner with Gary Illyes of Google from April 4th 2017. Basically, they had a dinner with several SEOs, after the dinner when Dan got into his car, he took audio notes of what he remembered from that dinner. Google announced that in the coming weeks broad match modifier and phrase match keywords will also begin matching to words within the search query that share the same meaning as the keyword. The SEM/PPC community is not surprised but still very frustrated by this news. It is Google Ads (formerly AdWords) expanding the keywords you want to match on for your ads to even more types of keyword phrases. That ultimately can lead to your ad showing more often but also it can lead to your ad showing for queries that you do not want your ads to show for. This has been the trend Google Ads has been going with since 2014 and has been a huge frustration point for the SEM industry. Google has published official guidance on Core Updates that goes beyond anything published before. The guidance covers four areas of content and recommends becoming acquainted with Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines to learn how to judge your own content. The guidance additionally mentioned that updates could affect Google Discover. Original Air Date: August 1, 2019
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